Laura’s Apple Bread with Maple Drizzle – Gluten, Dairy, Egg and Nut Free

I wait all year for fall.  Everything about it is exhilarating.  The drop in temperature, the crisp smells in the air, the smells of warm cinnamon and cloves that seem to permeate stores and homes, falling and colorful leaves, and of course, pumpkin patches and apple picking. This past weekend we decided to drive out to a great apple orchard and pick apples which sounds good in theory, but then you have….well…pounds and pounds of apples to deal with.  While I love apples as much as the next person, you can’t have apples non-stop without getting tired of them.  But I do love a good apple bread which honestly, I think I have only had once or twice in my life.  I have tried so many different recipes and none were anything special. They were good but nothing I craved or couldn’t put down.  That completely changed with this apple spice bread! I actually caught my teenage daughter, who is, well,….a teenager, picking at it non-stop and she is completely anti anything that is gluten free.  Why?  Because she is a teenager.

This moist, bread is one of my most successful recipes, EVER. And it packs 3 punches of apple; diced crisp apples, natural applesauce, and apple cider vinegar.  As for cinnamon, it is the smell of fall, right?Last but not least, is the maple drizzle.  Oh. My. At one point, the entire top layer of this bread, where all of the drizzle had soaked in, was picked off by the kids! I mean it is one of those delicious breads that you just pick at all day, a bit or chunk here and there until you realize with horror, you have chunked out the entire loaf!

The best part about this bread is how ridiculously fast it is to make, it literally comes together in about 5 minutes.  A little warning, however:  the batter isn’t your typical batter; it is extremely thick and you really have to stir it to make sure all of the ingredients are incorporated.  But don’t panic, this is normal!  And the results will have you eat the entire loaf before it has even  cooled!  I made another loaf and gave it to our neighbors who had NO idea that this was gluten, dairy and egg free and they asked for the recipe within an hour of my dropping it off!

I haven’t tried making this into muffins yet so if you do, please let us know how it worked out as far as baking time. So get your stretch pants on and get ready to eat this warm amazing bread in about an hour!