Pumpkin Whoopie Pies – Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Soy and Nut Free

Who doesn’t love whoopie pies? They are basically an inverted cupcake, right? The origin of the whoopie pie is said to have come from the Amish in Pennsylvania. The pies were made from leftover cake batter and, according to Amish legend, children would scream “whoopeee!” when they found them packed in their lunches.  As for when the whoopie pie made it to the commercial world, they were first sold almost 100 years ago in 1925, in the Labadie Bakery, located in Lewiston, Maine. Needless to say, the whoopie pie has been a long loved American treat that has spanned 2 centuries!

This recipe came from my desperate need to create a dessert for my children’s school fall festival that my son could have, and that ALL of the kids would think was delicious and cool.  Since their original success, I have kept them in my fall pumpkin rotation for school or dinner party treats to bring.  Soft spice infused pumpkin cake/cookies that sandwich a thick layer of “cream cheese” frosting, or vanilla whichever fits your food needs. My kids love to spread the frosting and make the sandwiches for me since thicker frosting is better with whoopie pies.  But these cakes/cookies are absolutely delicious on their own, they don’t even need the frosting if you find it too sweet for you! I will tell you that my kids devoured the entire plate of these for breakfast while I was sleeping a bit later on a Saturday, so don’t blame me if this happens in your household.  Hide them!  Enjoy!

** This recipe is based off of one I found years ago on the Land O’Lakes website.