The Best Chicken Tortilla Soup -Gluten and Dairy Free

Cold weather and a big pot of hot soup are the perfect couple. There is nothing better than a big pot of soup to end your day (in my opinion).  And not soup that you can drink, but soup that you can really sink your teeth into.   This Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe was given to me by my dear friend Victoria and it is a favorite by my entire family.  The best part?  It is loaded with clean, allergen friendly ingredients.  It is gluten and dairy free. Actually, it’s top 10 free! Chocked full of meaty chicken thighs, fresh vegetables, all resting in a rich, delicious broth, it is the perfect comforting one pot meal.  I will eat this soup all day every day of the week!

Let me start by saying that this recipe makes a huge amount of soup.  You can easily half the recipe but I am going to give it to you exactly as my friend gave it to me.  That way you can decide what to cut in half and what to leave the same. Do not be dismayed by the long list of ingredients like I was when I first saw this recipe.  I know, it’s long! You’ll quickly see that most of the ingredients, like all of the spices, are already in your pantry.  I like to lay out all of the spices and ingredients before I even start so that making the soup goes even faster.

And wow is this soup worth it!  You can easily double this recipe for a larger crowd or just to freeze and have later.

So here it is, Victoria’s amazing huge pot of Chicken Tortilla Soup!